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Hazels 90th!

Here is Meredith, Marilyn & Hazel organizing the event, with me socializing in the background.

Meredith Hazel & Marilyn

Below are Joe & Hazel, as Robert reads the birthday cards to the large group behind the camera.

Balloons; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This Bash honored Hazel Grafslund born: 7/23/1910.

Thanks to:
Joe & June Brush, John & Sabra Gallo + the children,
Meredith Olsen (NY), Robert Sackariason (MN)
Marilyn Sackariason (MN), Gloria Rodriguez & Bob Johnson, Eleanor & Lee Joslin, Herb & Naomi Smith + newborne, Mary Lou & Steve Beldner, Ann & Jim Haley, Frank Williams (famous photographer), Scott & Meredith Schaver, Mick & Cheryl Schussler